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You Can Count On Me

You feel separated, like there’s nothing to lean on…

You feel like you’re alone and no one understands…

Comfort is beyond reach, and you feel it’s too late…

You feel the safest way to recover… is silence…

Time heals all wounds… Or that’s what you think.

Since it’s a pain you can’t convey… a pain you can’t explain…

Except this is different, and that’s precisely why,

time won’t heal this wound, the silence is a lie.

But don’t think you’re all alone… there is no need to speak.

Don’t forget that you can lean on me… for anything.

Even if I don’t understand, I’ll find a way to ease the pain.

Because in a time of need, you can count on me.

I think I figured myself out on this one.

For my friends, ever notice how I like to record or play music at night?

Besides the fact that I feel most motivated in the evening, a part of me hates to kill a whole day recording and not spending time with friends and family.

I think deep in my mind, and in my heart, I reserve my music and recording time to myself in the evening because it’s my “me” time, the only time I have alone. It’s my time to do what I enjoy, without other ears hearing and judging.

With my time in college, I have never once had the opportunity to sing a note knowing no one could hear me, and trust me, if you are a musician, nothing feels better than letting loose with no one around.

Guess that means I gotta find a new place to practice… maybe the practice rooms at the music building? Haha too bad those aren’t open at night. 

Well there’s another one of my late night tangents. Hope it didn’t bore you!


You know, it’s weird…

I find it strangely motivating when people find success in some way, shape, or form.

It’s not jealousy, and you know why? It’s because… well… It makes me happy. 

It reminds me that there’s a lot to look forward to, something to reach out and seize, that we’re not alone, and that it’s simply possible.

I don’t want to be them. Instead, I wish to aim for what they aimed for… the top… and earn it myself.

I’ll be there someday… and I am ready to work for it.

Dreams are never out of reach, what will you do to achieve yours?

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